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Dia de los Muertos Celebration 2021

Dia de Los Muertos. Altar Making & Music

Sunday, October 31st, 3-5 pm PT

Templeton Pool Garden

700 Templeton Drive

Free event

Día de Los Muertos is an opportunity to celebrate the lives of departed loved ones, our ancestors.

Since ancient times, Mesoamericans believe that death was part of the journey of life. Rather than death ending life, they believe that new life came from death. This cycle is often associated with the cyclical nature of agriculture, whereby crops grow from the ground where the last crop lies buried.

This is an invitation to honour our ancestors in community with Afro-Cuban music, hot chocolate, art, and fiesta.

Invited Artists

Nancy Espinoza (Altar Making)

Israel “Toto” Berriel (Musician)

Angelo Moroni (Musician)


* Photos by Josema Zamorano

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